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  1. Aisan Carb for 4M Engine

    hi, i am looking for a carb for a toyota 4M engine either new/replacement or someone who can service.renew it. thanks
  2. Knock noise from corrolla steering colume

    JFYI -I had a similar knocking sound over rough ground on my E12 1.6 estate- turned out to be the drop links - replaced and now all good.
  3. Corolla Estate

    Hi, I am looking for a Toyota corolla estate (PRE 1991) - ideally like the one in the photo (google) or even an older one. Thanks
  4. Wanted - Corolla KE70 Saloon or estate

    Hi, I am looking to buy a corolla KE70 Saloon or Estate - i am based in West London and can collect anywhere in the UK. Please let me know if you have one for sale or know of one available. thanks
  5. 4Efe To 4Age Wiring Diagrams ?

    Hi Alain, i know this is an old posting - just wondering whether you have done this swop and id it work out ok. i am thinking of doing something similar with an E11 saloon and also just checking if you still have this donor car available? Thanks Rajin
  6. Wanted Corolla Ee90 Saloon Parts

    Hi does anyone know of or have an Corolla EE90 Saloon stripping for parts Require the following > mud flaps all or just rear driver side >Rear Wheels Driver side inner splash guard > Boot Rubber > Driver sun visor Thanks
  7. Is this still available? Interested and live in London!
  8. Wanted - Toyota Corolla Saloon Ee90 Shape

    Thanks Paul...apologies for the late response! holidays :) I don't think i will be able to travel to Dublin for this. Too far from London :(
  9. Wanted - Toyota Corolla Saloon Ee90 Shape

    long story there! glad u found the keys so this is a 5dr hatch rather than a four door saloon? I really am looking for a saloon. dont like the 5dr hatch models.. thanks
  10. Wanted - Toyota Corolla Saloon Ee90 Shape

    2001 - is it the saloon? are u selling it? how come is it parked up?
  11. Wanted - Toyota Corolla Saloon Ee90 Shape

    around these years 1989/1990/1991 - more likely to be a 1.3l. but could be 1.5 or 1.6. Do you have one ?
  12. Wanted - Toyota Corolla Saloon Ee90 Shape

    Hi, I am looking for a Toyota corolla saloon - EE90 shape - 4 Door. condition non important. I am located in London but can travel. thanks email -
  13. Hi All, Fantastic Forum.. source of invaluable information for me... Need Some Help... Anyone know any good service garages in the ruislip/West London area - need to service my 2002 corolla T-Sport! any recommendations highly appreciated... Thanks
  14. T-sport Tight Gear Change

    many thanks for the advise. I think this could be the problem as it only started happening when it got really cold...
  15. T-sport Tight Gear Change

    Hi , I got a 2002 T- Sport Corolla :) . Over the past few weeks the gearbox has become very tight/notchy when change gears. The car runs fine and the only issue is when you change gears up/down.. Can anyone advise what the problem could be and point me in the right direction.. possible clutch? cost to repair? Many thanks