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  1. I agree with Alan. Look for facelift Avensis using 1.8 vvti. My friend had one and it never had any oil consumption problem. The younger the better anyway. Best value would be a TR (makes sure the satnav discs are with the car, because without it, the radio/cd will not work if the battery is disconnected! ).
  2. Auris 1.6 fuel consumption

    In addition to my other reply, how much fuel is left in the tank before each top up? If always nearly empty, I am not sure if this makes a difference, but the crud in the tank cold be drawn into the fuel system. After a good service with oil, filters and spark plugs changed. The car should drive better. I would pull the EFI fuse or disconnect the battery for about a minute to reset the ECU. The ECU will then relearn setting and hopefully show better fuel returns closer to upper 30's to 40 mpg.
  3. handbrake warning

    What is the message displayed? Can you take a picture and upload, because it will be easier. Take another photo to show any other warning lights whilst the engine is idling. I would not say it is common. I only had the message come on due a mechanic not properly securing a connector to a gearbox sensor, after the clutch was replaced. Another poster had a problem which turned out to be caliper pins - Before going down the route of replacing the actuator costs a lot of money, check the brake calipers to make sure nothing has seized. The actuator does not like moisture, so wading fords or jet washing is certain areas is a big no no.
  4. Auris 1.6 fuel consumption

    I drive a larger car with bigger engine and would be horrified to get that high fuel consumption. I get 36mpg local driving. I worked out you are getting roughly 22mpg! The short journeys don't help. Servicing for me should be every year minimum if the annual mileage is not reached. When I had my old car, I did two oil/filter changes a year. The air filter was changed once a year, and the cabin filter check/changed once a year. Spark plugs probably due for a change too. I stick with Denso iridium. The engine wear could be high and oil changes will offset this wear. The cam chain will suffer too as the oil will not be protecting that as good as fresh oil. It's a good job you don't own a diesel with DPF. Fuel consumption will be the least of your problems!
  5. dpf removal - emulator

    I have looked at this topic on the web and personally think, this subject may not be answered in the UK, due to the rules and regulations, and legality. http://garagewire.co.uk/news/mot-changes-to-be-introduced-in-may-following-dpf-investigation/ http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/95410/thousands-of-uk-motorists-removing-diesel-particulate-filters Read the readers views on both the articles. The Government and politician who are not experts, make ruling decisions on the guidance of so called experts. No car is clean but focusing on CO emissions is the problem. Now they are looking at NoX and particulates. I have read somewhere that the DPF is supposed to capture larger particulates but let through smaller particles, but these smaller particulates can eventually get into the bloodstream, because lungs cannot filter these finer particles! The MOT smoke has not changed much and the DPF inspection is only that - to see if it present. The cannister could be gutted and look like it has never been touched, but the DPF does not affect the actual emissions. But some have been caught according to this news piece from BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41761864 I found this from an exhaust company based in Slovenia - http://en.auspuh-novak.com/?page_id=21
  6. Check Brake light system alarm

    I would check the earth before buying replacements. The brake lights work normally with side/headlights off. If there is damp in the light circuits or connections, that could be a possible cause. An auto electrician may help.
  7. Oil Filter

    Here in the UK oil filters are not expensive and I have used different brands. I Googled the part number and this is one of the results - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-OEM-Oil-Filter-for-TOYOTA-90915-YZZE1-/152109919700 The seller states all the engines models and so long as your engine is 1.8 1ZZ the filter should fit! It is the diameter of the seal/mating face and the screw thread that mostly matter. When buying a filter from a parts shop or online, the seller should list the application and fitting. I cannot find a Denso oil filter catalogue.
  8. Will aisin FDT002 flywheel fit my t25 55 avensis d4d

    Look at this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LUK-DUAL-MASS-FLYWHEEL-FOR-TOYOTA-AVENSIS-2-0-D-4D-DIESEL-99-08-CLUTCH-415035610/122609595362?hash=item1c8c19f3e2:g:IVwAAOSwhSVZcdAc I Googled Aisin FDT002 and one of the results showed cross reference numbers that matched the LUK cross reference -https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/aisin-301816.html The Aisin showed 1CD engines in the Avensis T22 and Rav4, but the Luk also showed the Avensis T25. What price have you seen?
  9. Bye bye Mr T

    Good luck and glad you have found piece in the Honda. I would expect more niggly faults with my early version T27 petrol 2ZR valvematic petrol version, than a later BMW engined version. You must have been very unlucky. YOu have done the right thing.
  10. Gearbox wont come away from engine 2006 d4d 1cd ftv

    If it comes apart but seems to hit something, have a look around for any obstructions. I assume you lowered the engine/transmission to help with clearance, and removed the cross member. Hopefully you have removed the gearbox by the time you read this.
  11. New member just bought Avensis

    Read the forum to find out what is causing your problem - Your post practically answered itself - the EGR needs cleaning. What others have done is clean the EGR out, or get a competent garage to do the work. Don't just drive the car hard to blow it out. That may unblock the EGR but not clear the soot completely. Also the drive the car hard or Italian style tune up, may work for some cases - like DPF regen, but not in your case. I will repeat this in your post.
  12. Correct/Sufficient Battery for 7A FE Avensis 1.8

    When I owned my Avensis 7A-FE 1.8 GLS back in October 2015, I changed the battery at Euro Car Parts £44.82 with discount. The battery was there own brand Lion 027 part no. 444770271, 60 Amp hour, crank 480ah CCA. It was direct fit for the car. The price has gone up since then. Funnily enough it is one of the 027 batteries specified for my current car 1.8 valvematic 2ZR-FAE, though there are stronger batteries also recommended!
  13. Headlights "Initial check" Message

    Glad you found the answer and good to know. I could not answer your original question, having not experienced xenon light operation on you version of Avensis. So the auto level works as normal and the warning lights works as intended - but not like other makes of cars, where the lights move up and down, when switched on, like the tester assumed. There should be a tetsters database of information of house warning lights of different cars work, plus if a cars zenon lights move during check period or not. If you have the owner's manual, does it explain the operation? Now if the warning lights stayed on after the initial check period, then you would have a cause for concern, just like the ABS system. That's my logic.
  14. Hi

    If I am not mistaken, the top of the headlights look a bit dull. Maybe a polish will help, or even T-cut and polish. Good car.
  15. New member just bought Avensis

    Welcome to the forum. The engine you have is 2AD engine, and it chain cam. I cheekily used your plate plate on Euro Car Part sight to find out what version of engine you have - 2.2 AD diesel. A couple of things you need to keep an eye on, is the coolant level. A few engines are known to have head gasket issues. The more powerful the engine, the more likely. I as said before, only a small percentage has this problem. Other things to watch out is the EGR. If coked up will throw lights and put the car into limp mode. Usually a thorough clean will do the trick. Some owners do the clean as part of their DIY maintenance routine. I you have the satnav built in, make sure you have the DVD discs. The reason for this is if the car battery is disconnected, then reconnected, the audio system will not work until the disc is inserted. Anything else you can read up on this forum.