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  1. Bike Rack

    Hi all, just posting about this in case anyone was wondering... I bought my beautiful Aygo Blue in Sept 09 with the plan that as storage inside wasn't great, I'd get a bike rack and possibly storage box like in the Aygo brochure. i got the Dealers (RRG Salford Quays) to fit the roof bars which i probably paid over the odds for but are very sturdy, but only just got round to buying the rack featured in the Aygo brochure (Barracuda Mont Blanc - got it off ebay for about £60) a couple of weeks ago; I've just tried it out for carrying my bike over Easter and have been very impressed; its really easy and quick to fit and incredibly sturdy. There's room enough on the bars for a second rack if needed, and the drive over fairly high motorways in pretty windy conditions was really sturdy - did feel the wind catching it slightly but not enough to make me swerve or anything. Anyone thinking about getting one, go for it!
  2. Things That Bug Me About My Aygo

    I got a new Blue on the scrappage scheme earlier in Sept, love it, but a few niggles... 1) Its too !Removed! easy to press the horn in error 2) STeering wheel controls for the stereo would be good - my mum and dad got a yaris on the scrappage scheme and that has steering wheel controls 3) Being able to control passenger elec windows would be nice! 4) Glove box lid! 5) Anyone find the windscreen steams up extremely easily? Loving it aside from those gripe. It feels like it accelerates like a rollercoater and is soooo light on the steering. The petrol never seems to run out too. PS: I was planning on getting a roof box to make up for the bot room for long journeys/breaks. Any ideas? [ 6) The seat doesn't hold you in place very well!]