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  1. Installing DRL’s

  2. First thoughts......

    Hi Paulie, it is a good idea, however i purchased it more for my other half on longer journeys, when i say longer i mean a 250 miler trip, every now and again, because my other half has his luxury cruise liner he likes to call it...a.k.a...the Avensis for those journeys. What i love about it is the likkle storage compartment at the top...i love storage areas lol.
  3. Boot area Lighting

    I will do Paulie, funny you mentioned, my other half suggested poundland, however in my opinion the unit looks like a pounds worth, and they dont last long falling to bits, when it comes to my baby, only the b.e.s.t wil do im afraid.
  4. Installing DRL’s

    Thank you Plob, Im still dwelling on my best options, i really want to avoid installing a switch inside the cabin, and if i have to id like one that looks or is genuine Toyota which i dont know if thats possible. Im not as confident when it comes to anything electrical, im more hands on mechanical you think i should pay somebody to complete the wiring install? Ive already done the hardest bit fitting the drl’s. How much should i expect to pay?
  5. First thoughts......

    Nice 1 Paulie b, think about the armster too...i love mine, makes driving alot more comfortable, although it restricts your handbrake, pull the armster up for local driving, and down for those longer journeys, youll wonder how you managed without it! Good luck.
  6. Boot area Lighting

    Thank you Frostyballs, read the thread, picked up on an OxyLED unit, looks smart, worked for the guys on the thread, so purchased on Amazon last night, and all from your recommended thread Frostyballs, well done.
  7. Boot area Lighting

    Hi Guys n Girls, I’m not sure about the latest Aygo models, i assume they are manufactured with an internal boot light. Sadly my 2008 wasnt, and it can be pretty difficult to see around inside it at night, im trying to think whether i use one of those stick on led lamps, leave a torch in the boot, or wire something in, its a pretty deep-ish boot for a tiny boot aswell! Any comments welcome, thank you
  8. Rattling rear glass door...Has anybody found a fix???

    I completely forgot to update this thread, apologies guys. problem solved...sprayed some white grease on the hinges...not a peep since, happy days! Re.the passenger seat win again...found if i move it forward inline with rhe gear stck...with the back straight...whilst the seat is unoccupied...theres no rattle.
  9. First thoughts......

    Hi Paulie b, i am glad that you are enjoying your Aygo, ive had my 58 plate for just over a month now and im loving her too, i agree with all your comments, especially sitting in 3rd or 4th. Yes it has a few rattles but its all character. I love all the storage areas, im having to look around for my odd and ends forgetting where i put them. I recommend adding a glove box lid if you dont already have one, and a centre arm rest for longer journeys. These vehicles are just so cute, and affordable to run and maintain Enjoy!
  10. Installing DRL’s

    Thanks guys but tell me Plob....having them wired into the wiper they remain on constant? If not how do i go about this?
  11. Installing DRL’s

    Hi Not that it came with, just a pair of led drl’s, purchased at Halfords, ill put up a link. And ive had one of these in storage for years... What do you think? I’m sure i read somewhere that the day times can remain on whilst the side lights are in use.
  12. Installing DRL’s

    Hi ALL, I’ve managed to mount some drl lights into my front to follow shortly...these drl’s simply have two wires coming out the rear of them with some what looks like bulet connectors...i assume that i’d need to extend these wires in length to the point where i intend to tap into something... Now my plan is...i’d like them to switch on...or COME ON...with my side lights...therefore NO SWITCH inside the cabin do i simply tap the above mentioned two wires straight onto my side light bulb wires behind the headlamp units? And do i need to install an in-line fuse or additional fuse of some sort??? I was never good at anything any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Sammy
  13. Parking sensors

    I plan to install them myself guys, waiting for warmer climates to kick in first, ive had a set of genuine Mazda sensors lying around for years, expensive bit of kit, still sell for over 100 on ebay. Its a simple case of measuring the correct distance between each sensor, marking postions, using the correct size drill bit...forget what you call a hole cutter...and then placing each sensor till it clicks...gathering all the cables behind to be cable tied safely...and then making the connections...which if i recall are two wires that you tap into...and then deciding where to place your reverse bleeper siren...which i intend to keep under my dash but ill try the boot area first. Forgot to add...most important...check location clearance behind bumper first prior to any drilling. If you can find a decent quality kit, its worth a diy try, only if you’re confident though, otherwise it will cost you a new bumper at the very least! Best of luck!
  14. Aygo parcel shelf wanted

    Ebay my friend, and for what they are, they arent cheap! If memory serves me right they vary between 25.00 to 50.00, i was on the hunt for a parcel shelf string as mine was missing, dealer price 3.75 is what i paid, and then i go and find the old one underneath the spare tyre!
  15. 2007 Aygo will not start

    Sounds like a battery issue to me, but im no expert sadly, im sure help from the forumsters is on its way...hang in there matey