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  1. Fuel Pump

    Hi Murgle You don't say what you've got 2.4/3.0 Try these, change the air filter, then the fuel filter, when filling the filter to restart fill it with ATF not diesel. (drive it hard for 15 miles or so O/D off ECT on. then try the EGR mod, see my other post. Try for parts there's a few breakers of Surf's there. Hope this helps. Gman.
  2. Fuel Pump

    My Hilux Surf is, approx. 1993, the fuel pump needs replacing but I can't find one anywhere. Nobody has spares for Japanese imports unless they're really expensive. I tried local scrap yards but no luck so far. Any ideas?
  3. Smokey Exhaust

    Hi Mike, I have a Japanese import Approx 1993, loads of black smoke got steadily worse over the last year. Apparently it is the fuel pump, can't get one still looking, hope your prob is easily solved. Murgle