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Found 104 results

  1. Cheers all! The celica has been my dream car for years, and now that i own a gen.7, i couldnt be happier.
  2. What alloys are these?

    Hi folks. I'm having trouble identifying what alloy wheels are on my Celica. They appear to be genuine Toyota wheels but as far as I can tell they are not a standard wheel that was offered for the Celica and I'm at a loss to what car they came off of. They are 17's with 205/45/R17's fitted if that helps. I only ask as I'm trying to track down a 5th so I have a matching spare wheel. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  3. 2001 Celica T-sport

    2001 Toyota Celica 1.8 VVTL-i T-sport 3dr, Storm Blue. 3rd owner of the car, full service history, genuine mileage with records to prove it. 68,100 miles. Bought at 47,000 majority of miles have been motorway miles. MOT until August 2018 - last MOT had minor advisories which have been addressed. Minor modifications - rear infill sticker for Celica text, TRD style antenna, TRD style gear knob, upgraded head unit with bluetooth and satnav, (headlamp covers were from factory)
  4. Mk3 Supra Gearbox Conversion Choices

    Hi, I have recently bought into a project Mk3 Supra. It started out as a 3.0l n/a 7mge, since then it has had a supercharger setup installed, and the fuel injection removed, replaced with a Holley carb system, pushing the power to around 400bhp. I've purchased the car part way through a drag conversion, gearbox removed, being set up for a th350 auto box. I personally want to complete it for rare road/track use, and use a manual box. I have a couple contenders considering my budget, I was wondering wether they would work. First, the C90 6-Speed Manual box from the Audi S4 B5 2.7L Twin Turbo engine. I haven't a clue wether this box will fit, being off a German car, I know you can get adapter plates and I'll need some other bits like clutch, flywheel, and more... but I'm not too knowledgable in gearbox swaps. Secondly, the Celica Gto gearbox from the 4T-GTE engine, I'm not 100% on the name of the gearbox used but I know the engines ran from 360-600 PS so it'd be more than enough to handle the power. If anyone has any general info on them, would it fit, Also what adapter parts I'd need for it? I can't find any online to price up. My budget for the gearbox alone is around £600, clutch and flywheel plus other needed parts is around £600 as well if there are any other good swaps about. Preferably something that can run over 400bhp nicely so I won't be putting any major strain on the box. Many thanks, zac
  5. engine for st 182

    Hi, i have st182 with bad engine and burned fuses block. there was a little fire. tranny is good. already passed 2 years after i stop using this car, today decided to give him new life. its almost imposibble to find another 5gen 3sge engine in my country, i was trying it so hard and so much time. so i have to think about another options. maybe any of u have experience about it and give me good advices. does st202 engine fit in st182 without modifications? or any other engine with little modifications? i dont care Horse Powers and etc. i just want to drive this car.
  6. RA64

    Hi guys. Just picked up a 1985 Celica GT hatch with around 200k miles. Runs pretty strong. Needs a lot of interior work (panels mostly) and has spedometer and temp sensor problem. Probably taking it to a shop to get it completely rebuilt just because I plan to make this my daily driver. Any advice on the rebuild process?
  7. So just recently bought a imported ST182 & its time for a timing belt change. Really struggling to find an timing belt for it, was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? Additionally could I just use a GT4 Belt from same gen? Thanks in advance, Rick.
  8. Hi I hope one you geniuses around here can help (not being sarcastic) I know it came out wrong once before lol.... anyways so I have Toyotacelica Tsport 192bhp model it's a 2001 and just recently I was changing spark plugs when all hell went down the socket fell in the spark plug hole and got stuck so after 4 hours of cold air compression and WD-40 I managed to get it out unharmed, I then went and got a spark plug socket (as I should have) and changed all of the plugs I'm using plantinum plugs from Toyotaever since I have done this car runs perfect below 4400 revs after 4500 it starts sputtering and lagging power really bad as if there's another car being towed I've checked the plugs are brand new and in correctly I've checked all the coils noticed a tiny little crack at the top of the rubber on one of them but don't really think that the cause. Now I'm very confused as to where to begin checking cleaned the MAF and throttle body no difference had a code once something to do with exhaust valve circuit but after clearing it never came back problem is still there. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance.
  9. Engine Light ECU reset?

    Hi, I have had a check engine light come on my 7th Gen Celica. I've spoken to Se7en Motorsport and they're so helpful and said the coolant may need bleeding, I'm sticking my OBD reader in tonight but my question is to get the light off. I've seen a few people remove the ECU fuse to get the light off, will this cause damage to the ECU and how it runs if I did this? Thanks everyone!
  10. Selling my pride and Joy

    Hi all i am selling my 2005 Celica limited Red edition 103k service history new calipers new radiator new brake pads excellent condition runs and drives perfect MOT march 2018 no advisories stunning car only selling because i need an Automatic for the wife any questions please ask looking to get around £2000 thanks
  11. Right guys, as the title says really. In the link.... With the Celica being the same engine as the Corolla T Sport, will these hoses fit? Bit confused as the site says it's for the Celica but not the Corolla. Being the same engine though you'd think it would say so! Thanks as ever👍
  12. Toyota Specialist In The North

    Hi all, I don't have a Celica (Corolla T Sport). But my friend has a Garage and is a Toyota Specialist. Over 20 years Experience. Does all the work on mine and my mates cars too. Will work on any but Specialise in Toyota's. He's based just off the M67 near Hyde. CROWN POINT MOTORS. Just thought I'd post up incase this helps anyone out. See my thread in the Corolla section and message me for any details etc. Cheers
  13. Celica Overheating

    Hello, I've recently bought a Celica and it's the T sport. It had a leakage in the radiator that solved the overheating for a while. After a month now the car is back to overheating and won't cool down. when I put the AC on it'll only blow cold air and no hot air will come out. It's something bothering me a lot and I am unsure what the problem seems to be. I'm not much of a Car expert but anyone experienced this same issue and can lead me to the solution to this problem. My doubts are that its the head gasket but I hope it's not that. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Hi Everyone, im new to the forum, seing some of the previous posts is saw its a very helpful forum so i hope you can help me out. Ive had my 2001 toyota celica gts for almost a year now and its been perfect so far only since last week i was out driving and i wanted to show my friend how vvtli runs and the lift it has so i showed him used it 2-3 times and it was all there working fine i didnt abuse it or anything just the lift in second gear for him to feel it anyways later on that day when i tried to use it the lift has gone well its there i can hear it but i can barely feel any lift or even non at all. Car was warm has been serviced less than 2k miles ago, had enough oil and revs past the 7k limiter. Now I believe its the lift bolts, however they are almost impossible to find in the uk does anyone know where i can get them from? Thank you for your help ( in advance 😁)
  15. T Sport OCV Filter replacement

    Hey everyone, 'From Manchester city centre area.' I'm new here so please be nice. I've recently bought a Celica T sport with 109k on the clock and am slowly attending to its needs. I'm planning to have a fully fledged project on my hands. First up is the engine. I've given it a full service with new oil and Denso sparks, new coolant, washer etc. Now I've bought two OCV Filters because as far as I know they have not been changed or cleaned since new, and the car isn't running as smooth as I would like around 2k revs. As I'm inexperienced in the engine bay, I was wondering if there's anyone who can recommend a garage that can do it in or around the Manchester area, or better yet, a member in the vicinity that knows what they are doing who could change it. The closest garage I can find that I would trust to do it is in Lincoln City, which is a 4 hour round trip and 1 hour labour. Your help is appreciated, Thanks All Nookstar
  16. Hey everyone :=) New member here. A proud new owner of a Toyota Celica T Sport. Which is to be a little project car for me over the coming years. Hope to meet some good like minded people on here. Thanks, Nookstar
  17. Celica GT4 ST205 For Sale

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of selling my GT4 in order to help save money to eventually buy a house. (Time to stop spending it all on fuel!) Now, I've had this car as a daily for the past 3 years and I've loved every second. It is getting a little worn around the edges now though and I was hoping you guys could help me out with a valuation. I'll be as honest as I can with the description and I will also get some new pictures up this weekend once I've given it a good clean inside and out. So it's a 1996 ST205 Import. Currently on around 230,000KM. Will double check and update asap. Genuine OZ Roulette 16" wheels. All tyres also have plenty of tread. Fronts have only recently been replaced. Toyo T1-R all round. Projector Headlights. Simple mechanical Boost controller fitted along with a full Mongoose exhaust system including decat. Also has a HKS Muschroom filter, unfortunately I've never had it on a rolling road but it goes well and is a very quick car. Turbo Timer. Dump valve fitted also, not sure of the brand but it's very loud! Fitted with the rare Recaro bucket seats, both in pretty good condition but with some wear to the bolsters (Will get pictures of the interior up this weekend). Sticking with the interior.. It also has a genuine OMP WRC Steering wheel and all speakers have been replaced for better sound quality. Bad points: Some rust coming through at the bottom of both doors. Also a little on the front arch. Had it's last MOT in December and the tester said it was mint underneath and very solid. Just needs some surface rust touching up. Paint work isn't in great condition but this is a 20 year old car so it's to be expected. Could do with a proper restore really as there are some bad swirl marks on the paint but it still looks amazing once polished. The passenger side headlight has a broken mount where a small bird hit it. The actual lense isn't damaged at all, it is just the plastic mount that keeps the light in place, I'm sure this could easily be fixed with a bracket but it has never bothered me too much. I've noticed some judder on the brake pedal when braking and turning at low speeds, haven't yet looked into it but could just simply be that it needs new pads. Does smoke a little when at full boost but nothing major. Only other bad point I can think of is that the alarm can be a bit temperamental if it's parked on a slope! This has never really been a problem for me and I'm sure could be easily rectified if it bothered you. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll be sure to update this as soon as I can once I think of more info and get some better pics for you. Just let me know if there's anything else you would like to know. I will say though that this has been my daily for the last 3 years and I've absolutely adored driving this car. So fun to drive and it will be a very sad day for me once someone else drives it away. You will not be disappointed.
  18. Hi, as in title, i have plenty of issues to get owners manual to my '90 Celica 182(mostly to get all minor info, BGB that is there online only has 3s-gte which differs quite alot due to turbocharger and lots of other stuff, and i couldnt find anything else online for it, and shipping one from USA(not to mention that they never had st182 there) is both pointless and extremely expensive for me(i live in Poland), i just want to get familiar with anything, and have some reference and proper information for my exact version of Celica and not other trims/engines. I would love to finally get some pdf or pics of it, i would really appreciate that especially, if you have Service manual that covers st182. So far i had no luck with it on other forums :/ either ignored or left hanging for eternity. I really need the service one for general reffernce when i will work on the car. So does anyone here has Service manual and/or owner's manual?
  19. Hi guys, A while ago I lost one of the centre caps for my TTE Grand Stand(16inch) 9 spoke wheels. These wheels were supplied by Toyota to replace the original heavily delaminated set. As some of you probably know these caps are plastic and I have now noticed quite a bit of work wear on the locking part of the other caps. I have tried everywhere to replace them but they seem to be rare as rocking horse sh?! Has anyone else had this problem and if so - (1) Is there a magical stockpile of these beauties sitting in a garage somewhere? ( I won't hold my breath) (2) Is there any other cap(doesn't have to lock) that would fit these wheels? Any advice on this headache would be greatly appreciated as my 7Gen is in otherwise lovely condition and really let down by the missing cap. Many thanks in advance and to all a great week, Luke PS My wheels aren't usually this dirty
  20. Angel lights

    Hey, just had my angel lights fitted and was wondering how common they are? And has anyone fitted 4 mud flaps to a celica? Bit of a strange question but was thinking of doing it?.
  21. Hi guys, New to the forum so thought I would leave a post to say hello. My name is Matt, Located in Lincolnshire. I've had a couple of Celica's now, both Gen 6's. Here's my 1998 Toyota Celica ST, finished in Factory colour Purple Opal Metallic Clearcoat. I've owned it for 3 months now. Had one previous middle ages owner and under 100k on the clock. Before I purchased the car it had been standing in a garage for almost a year, completely untouched. It was a gamble buying it due to the fact it had no MOT, the brakes had seized and all sorts of other bits and bobs... BUT the bodywork is was clean with barely any marks, no rust etc. Glad I took the gamble because it's been absolutely perfect since I changed the brakes and serviced it. I had it undersealed with dinitrol chassis wax and prevention when I first picked it up. This was done by a reputable local company. I've spent a great deal of time cleaning her up and polishing/waxing to make the paintwork pop, well worth it! I've also had a stainless exhaust fitted as the standard one had a small blow when I picked it up. It sounds great now! Overall it's been the best car I've owned to date, being so comfortable on the long trips and reasonable on fuel efficiency. I've got a lot planned for the car as the show seasons approach in spring 2017. Hopefully get to meet some of the members of the club along the way...
  22. Hi there, Am new to this forum, just wondering if anyone is selling some lowering spring or coilovers, am on a tight budget, just bought a gen 7 celica and would like to lower it by at least 30mm. many thanks and let me know if anyone has any rgds Robbins
  23. Hi! I have a 2000 / 01 ish (W plate) Silver Celica, about 140k on the clock and I'm looking to see if someone wants it. I work abroad now and have tried to keep it going but as it's an old car it needs to be used constantly and I'm not here to do that. It currently needs a part replaced around the Power Steering fluid (a hose of some kind, mechanic said it was a 150 GBP part) and probably a new battery at some point soon, but apart from that it's a sound and good looking car. I've had it since around 2009. If I can't get any takers in the next day or so I will have it scrapped, but I think that would be a shame as it's been a brilliant car for me, I work in the US and it is just, sadly, not cost effective for me to keep it going. It would be a good car for someone. It has got through all it's last MOTs since 2009 with little issue and I've always had it serviced and repaired at a Toyota dealership. The engine management light comes on sometimes due to the cat converter getting old, she has her issues but I would rather someone who can keep her going take her rather than just scrap it. It is MOT'd until May next year but I will get the tax back on it unless someone wants to make a cash offer for the remaining tax (again until May 2017). The car is in Hampshire (PO8) and if someone wants it they will need to collect (steering is VERY heavy without the power steering fluid) I have no recent pics but I can get them if required ... Luke
  24. Hi guys, I'm ruso and am new to this forum. I have a 1984 Toyota Celica GT-S project car that me and a friend are working on. As of right now it does not run, but we are currently in the process of repairing it! Please feel free to look at the video (link down below and yes I know the thumbnail is upside down.. working on it!) and comment ANY suggestions and experience that you have about the car!! This is my first youtube video, so I apologize in advance about the editing. However, I will improve! Subscribe to keep up with the project and send me any questions you have about the video! Thank you!
  25. Celica ABS light help!

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I need some help and thought I'd come to the experts! I have a Celica (2004) and have had it for 6 months. Last month the ABS light started flashing when stationary. Local garages can't find a fault but Toyota said it was a faulty ECU unit so I had this replaced with a secondhand ECU but I still have the same problem. It has now cost me around £300 and I'm no closer to it being fixed. Has anyone else had this problem or can suggest what I might try to fix it. It's an MOT failure so I don't have long to sort it out. Thanks so much for any help you can give me! Jackie