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Got My Strut Barce For My 96 Rolla Finally


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Fitted it on sunday morning and i must say it has stiffened up the front end alot, feels alot tighter, also has stopped lots of rattles and squeaks.

The only problem i had was that while tightening up strut brace one of the bolts snapped connecting the bar to the base plates. so has a crappy bolt in place. Emailed place i got it from (Demon tweeks) no reply yest and also emailed sparco in italy and got an instant reply saying they will ship one out to me straight away.

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Yeah very easy to fit just undo suspension bolts and place it over if too big just simply adjust it the brace with spanner then putt suspension bolts back on and tighten bolts on brace. and done about 5-10 mins work thats even including me trying to find a bolt to fit in the hole.

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Do the ones listed in the demon tweeks mag fit the 92-97 models then?

I enquired when ordering my K&N induction kit and as usual they aren't the most helpful at times!

That's my car in my avatar, will the strut brace you have fit on mine?



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