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Hi all, wondering if you could help me here. I've just grabbed an imported engine for my old mk1 mr2 and it looks like it's already got a couple of mods attached. Is this normal for imported japanese engines, cause I've heard some stories about engines coming in so tuned they won't get through an MOT test. Is this true or is it one of those myths that keep floating around?

Thanks for the help

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Its a complete myth that an engine wont get through an MOt thats for sure, unless its running methanol. ? :blink:

the engine is only checked for oil leaks and excessive gasses outlet through the exhaust, nothing else.

So what are the mods, and more importantly 'who shipped your engine' as i tried once and failed <_< but would still like a fresh gze. ;)

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Mods turned out to be (eventually) a lightned flywheel (still waiting to find out if it'll fit to my gearbox / clutch set) and a set of cams (that've been removed for now until I find out the overlap duration and who made them, don't want to be dumping loads of fuel into my exhaust, that'll make it fail an MOT).

Engine was supplied by Nippon Auto Spares (up near derby I think), nice cheap price (295+vat including delivery to my door) and quick delivery (slight delay cause their forklift packed in, then once they shipped it I got it 48 hours later). They don't have any late spec gze's in stock. I checked. Probably just as well, my insurance company wouldn't like me if I did that (for now anyway, septembers a whole different matter :) ).

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You need to be carefull with SOME of the Jap Domestic Market engines which are brought in - the majority of uk spec.engines especially the sports ones use cylinder head castings made by Yamaha ( you can spot the triple tuning fork logo on the heads when they are off ) and are better than the Toyota cast heads for the Jap domestic market.

I spent a week trying to find a "lack of power" problem for a mate who had a low mileage jap engine fitted (3S-GE) - He had to live with it in the end !


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