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I'm In Love!

Karma Supra

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I have seen a mk2 soarer on some jap auction site... its STUNNING. modified in a manner I could not improve on myself... same engine and running gear (and chassis!) as my 2.0 TT supra...... -I'm truely in love...

I accept that 99% of the uk population will HATE it.. and brand it as ugly and boxy... but I seriously am loopy about it...

here she is:


the site is translated by babel fish (hitch hickers has a lot to answer for ;)) and much off the translation is tough.. I see no way of being able to email the owner or big... how do I go about this!!!??????

3 days left..... I can't really afford it but I'll manage.... whaddo I do??? I'd nearly swap my supra for it!!!!!

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:drool: Theres nothing ugly about that mate, I like older car styling and a bit of character. No offence to anyone but cars like the Yaris(Clio) etc these days all look the same - egg shaped and boring to look at! That is 80's/90's cool :)
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I looks awsome mate. Their are loads of supra's around (dont get me wrong, i like them loads [my old mans got a 3ltr Turbo])

But that certainly stands out... i wouldnt call it pretty, but it looks very sleak and agressive. :thumbsup:

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There isa sublte difference betweena car looking "pretty" and a car looking "cool"

This is the latter for sure!!! There are a few mk3s around... but mines not you average uk one ;)

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i think i have sat in one of these.. isnt this the one with the hologram speedometer that refllects off the windscreen? amazing technology!

i must admit.. that car does look gorgeous!!!!

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DAmn I been researching and adding up costs... sat the car goes fora grand at auction...

call it £400 shipping and sorting odd bits and bobs (rear fog, etc)

add 10% import duty ontop of all that.

add 17.5% VAT ontop of THAT.

£138 to register it.

£35 to MOT it (assuming it will pass!)

total is just shy of 2 grand.

foooooooooooook I can't afford to get it :( its about 6 weeks wages.... but I have existing debts to pay off.

GRRRR where theres will there is a way.. Think Charlie think :eek:

its about what the probe is worth.. anyone want a pink probe? :lol:

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Love the car dude!

Its a bit like the birds round my way.....not much of an ***** but what a face!

Gorgeous car, kinda like all toyota coupe's really. Im sure they start designing it from the front then as they get more towards the back they loose their motivation.

The celica gen6 suffers from this.

The more i look at this soarer though the more i want a car like this myself. So how much are they selling it for and what kinda interior/toys do you get?

Got the ol 1g-gte in it?


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Yannick LMAO

they retail for about a grand I think... plus about another grand to bring one over...

they come in 1G-GTE, 7M-GTE, and even 1JZ-GTE form!!!.

they have all the toys a mk3 Saorer has, the limiteds have tellys satnav, eletric everything, TEMS, cruise, digidash etc..

leather eletric seats, naturally. :hokus-pokus:

I DEFINITELY want one.... the chasis as I said is the same as a mk3 supra so I'll already know it inside out, as with the engines and trannys... (so spares will not be a problem)..

For £2k-£3k you will have a very diffferent and tastey car!!!, I can see the BMW M3 drivers and 911 drivers not liking being wasted by that!!!

Interior is very 80s... but its FAR better then the pretty grim mk3 supra one (I'm after a dash and door cards for my supra)

Got to love it :D

I'll bet everyone gets one now so they are common by the time I can afford one LMFAO

White on gold splitties has to be the way to go :D brop in a 800 bhp 2JZ-GTE.,.. Muwahahahaha

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you'll have to change your name to 'Tommy Vercetti' if you do buy it karma :D :thumbsup:

there is somethin quite cool about it, perhaps that most people will have never seen one before ever?

and it looks like it's been teleported straight out of the 80's, am sure it will sound cool too

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Charlie you asre....................the more I look at that, the more its growing on me, I'd defo sell the supra if I could find one with a 1jz in it.................the sleeper potential of that car is infinate :thumbsup:

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