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1997 1.6 Si 16v (e10)


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Hi there....

I have recently just purchased a 1997 1.6 si (e10) Toyota corrolla.

In great condition, 50k on the clock and seems packed with toys and drives great. I recently just sold a K10 micra that some of you may have seen at shows, white with custom bodykit, rear install with no seats. I currently run the Micra Sports Club with a friend and will continue to do the club admin and attends meets etc. I certainly will be joining here and the forum seems great :)

now I'm looking at adding parts to the corrolla and I was wondering if people could point me in the right direction, a few links and answered questions would be great.

I have the car booked in on thursday for a 30mm drop on sensible 15's on 195/50 tyres

Now the questions ;)

1. What is the correct model number for the 57i Kit that K&N make for it?

2. Do cobra and the likes make sub frames for this particular model?

3. What brake upgrades are available? Anything to do a rear disc conversion with?

4. Does anyone make a strut brace and if so what's the model number?

5. Do any UK based companies do bodykits for them, nothing major just want to lower the bumpers slightly.

6. Any off the shelf performance parts such as cams etc etc....

7. Do any company sell aftermarket rear lights for this model?

I have also found a bolt on turbo that a US company do, I will post back with the link later, see what some of you think about the pro's and con's of it.

Sorry for the all the questions, I'll certainly be joining the club and look forward to using the forums.

thanks for any help

Kev :)

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