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Iq Thoughts And Questions


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hello everybody

i recently purchased a toyota iq2 shiny deep amethyst

it's been 3 weeks since i laid my fingers on it :) and it runs pretty smoothly better than expected

it's an amazing car (actual car nothing like his rival) definitely worth every penny spend.

space,safety,quality,engine the whole package is a bargain so to speak

if u are stuck between iq2 and iq ,spend a few more and get the iq2 (u wont regret it ) there are so many extras on the iq2 that make it Irresistible (and enought gadget to play with)

some fantastic things about the iq are: (very small arc, nice and stable on the motorway despite its size) and and in the back u can fit 2 people the 3+1 is a lie

now some cons :(no smart compartments for yr stuff actually no compartments at all ) the could surely fit some pockets somewhere i don't know why they didn't and it's really frustrating

next the interior light is a joke (toyota what were u thinkin?) a head lamp could solve yr problem though :P

moreover the car feels too wide in the beginning (like driving a lorry) hard to accommodate

the computer bord position isn't the best in the world

And last but not least the accessories are a bit expensive

anyone that could link prices and sites?

i did a little research and here is what i found

genuine parts including installation ( greek prices )

bluetooth 250 euro

leather knob(6 gear) 120-130 e

floormats 75 e

rear roof spoiler 320 (painted + installed)e

illuminated foot light 230e

about the glove bag and the aluminium scuff plates i don't know i got them for free

there are also some items on eBay (uk) .

i haven't found an aftermarket navi system that can fit in the dashboard anyone can enlighten me (i can't really spend 1200e) for a genuine :)

that's about it

share your thoughts and information

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has anyone found the gearbox to have annoying habit of not selecting the gear properly? particularly second and first

It has been mentioned a couple of times....!

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i havent driven for nigh on 4 years until now but i honestly dont think it can just be me, getting it down into second feels a bit notchy if you get what i mean and occasionally when going from neutral or reverse into first it selects third, thats despite me being making sure i'm pushing it over towards first

all very embarrassing for me and bad for the clutch to boot!

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I had this problem quite badly at first and read that several other people did too. Some had taken back Toyota to be rectified and others not so successfully !

I stuck with it and now have over 2000 miles on the car and the problem seems to have gone away.

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has anyone found the gearbox to have annoying habit of not selecting the gear properly? particularly second and first

If you look up an earlier thread "IQ problem" (http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93945) and there are other relevant threads if you look for them, in this forum there is quite a lot of info about the trouble you are having.

Just an IQ quirk it seems, affecting some more than others.

My second gear "baulking" is practically non existent now after 4,500 miles.

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I'm happy to report that after a spate of gear "crunches" (rather than changes) from 3rd to 2nd and an apparently unsuccesful fix by Toyota, after 3500 miles the problem seems to have all but dissapeared.....very odd.

it does very occassionally get stuck, but it's very rare now.

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