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Landcruiser Insurance


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Hi All

My insuance is due shortly and was woundering if any of you guys know somewhereI can get it insured cheaper than £1400.

I am 30 yrs old with Full no claims bonus

Any help or details of good insurance companies would be grateful


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We recently exchanged our 7 month old avensis t spirit estate and got a new 53 plate LC3 with a few added extras sat nav ect. on the insurance change over our broker required a further £180 taking our insurance total to around £700 pa, on hearing this we asked them to shop around for another price quote, we was with the axa group for many years however our broker came up with this quote from norwich union £593.94 fully compreheseve i consider this a very good price as this is for myself and my wife plus we have our no claims bonus covered.

Only thing going for us is our age perhaps!! And maybe against yourself "no offence".

we are both just over 50 :blink: just like yourself i have full no claims bonus but as said above thats always been an addition to our insurance we have had claims, but they have been covered with the no claims bonus cover.

I suggest your next step is to use up the 0800 numbers in the yellow pages for insurance, only drawback with this method you may find that your letter box becomes full of junk mail.

Good luck with your search.£1400 wow that stiff :arrgg-matey:

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Tried them £1500

:eek: Did you tell them you was a toyota owners club member? If you did then i'll be having words :angry:

I found direct line cheapest when i was 30 with eagle star a close second, don't ever let them know your cheapest quote though as they will only undercut it by £30 or £40, always keep them guessing and you might be pleasently surprised :yes:

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This might be a little late for some but im 31 with 5 years no claims and got my landcrusier 4.2 VX TD full comp for 390 QUID!!!!!

heres the number

0870 2422405

The company is liverpool Victoria or Frizzel

if your a member of a work union you get even more of a discount

Darren Fletcher


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I have been with direct line for a few years and no-one comes anywhere near my quote which is £650 and I have the wife and and another 35yr old woman insured too. Also had a claim recently for respary of six panels thanks to some kid drawing on the car.

give them a try.

Also hear that Elephant can be quite cheap too.


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