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Starlet General Info Needed.....


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Hi guys

im just about to accuire a (dont laugh) P reg Starlet sportif and i am trying to find out about specs, engine types etc for the car. i have been searching on the web for various sites with info, but only really found sites geared towards the GT etc. Any help would be great - (links, web addresses etc) as i also want to get hold of some SR alloys or similar and i am unsure of the offset and PCD of the car - i really dont know anything about Toyotas! :unsure:

cheers, j

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alright jobe

owning a starlet sportif is nothing to laugh about,

they are minted wee motas that just last and last,

first mod i would recomend to u is fitting an aftermarket airfilter.

because the 4e-fe engine has a peachy induction noise.

the right offset is 38, but if your fitting seventeens go for 40.

there are lots of tuning and customizing parts for the ep91 starlet, the only probelm is that its all catered fo in japland,

meaning that even if u could aford the shipping cost ud have problems with the language barrier.

u could could find a company to buy the stuff and ship it over for u but like i said its well expensive :blink:

some non glanza jap sites for you to beast at :drool:

reflet ism

starlet carat

grey ep91

refler tuning

touring with ep91 carat

ull notice on the last link that there is a link fo starlet wegbring,

click on that and that will take u to loads of starlet related sites.

ull need some sort of online translater

heres one.

world lingo

there are free quicker and better ones tho. :huh:

hope this helps dude :thumbsup:

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cheers for the link geocool.

Well i picked the car up on sat and was very surprised. I didn’t really know what to expect and it has turned out to be a nice little car and fairly quick!

It has been owned by an elderly lady that kept it in the garage all its life, hardly drove it in the rain, had it serviced religiously every year and the best bit is its only done 3500 miles :eek:

So i shall soon be tweaking bits here and there, first to go has got to be the prams wheels it has at the moment, cant seem to find any SR alloys anywhere though, then probably a filter of some sort, not sure what to go for (induction or panel filter). Im off to start searching....

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no danger,  :ph34r:

how much did u pay?

it was off a family member so not much! £2k!!

Hou - not really sure, how old are they? Prob about £150 ish but got no cash until end of the month... v interested tho



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