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Auto Headlight Query


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I have a query regarding the auto headlights and I hope someone here can shed some light on it for me :D

Picture the scene.....

Quite often I have to pick up my partner from town and we have to get a ferry across the river to where we live. When you switch the engine off the headlights dont go out till the door is open. This being a little ferry where you wait in your car for the 7-8 minute crossing there is no need to open the doors and get out. Can anyone tell me if the headlights would go out after a certain amount of time? I keep meaning to just sit there and wait and test them myself but am a little paranoid that the Battery will go flat and we won't get off the ferry, can you imagine how embarrasing that would be?

"What seems to be the problem sir?"

"Oh I sat here with my lights on and flattened my Battery trying to see if the lights would go out on their own".

Here come the men in white coats!



p.s. Yes, I have read the manual but I either have word blindness or there isn't anything mentioned.

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The Battery will not go flat within 7-8 minutes i can assure you!! I left my lights on by accident for an hour and it was fine! (Im used to having them on auto but one time i had them on manual and forgot to turn them off)

I would take an educated guess and say that the lights will stay on until you open the door or turn them off yourself.

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