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How Do You Clean Your Engine?


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A question for those of you who like a spotless engine bay. I keep mine as clean as I can just using some interior plastics spray on a J Cloth but I can't reach it all. I see that my local hand car wash offers an engine bay clean which I assume means a pressure wash but I am reluctant to let someone else do it. There are a number of labels around the engine bay that I can see disappearing if pressure washed and I like to keep the car original.

So, any suggestions, hints and tips guys?

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Apparently a good method is to, foil up any exposed electrics and spray the whole engine bay with a degreaser, leave a while for this to bite and then simply hose off. When dry you can then detail any black shiny plastic bits!

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Use a good All purpose cleaner or (APC) to spray over then engine, and use various paint brushes/ tooth brushes etc to work it into all the corner/ grooves etc then you can wipe it off and dress to look new or alternatively wrap all the electrics with freezer bags or tin foil and spray with a watering can or gentle hose spray.

easy and looks great! don't forget to do the sills round the engine bay where gunk and leaves get stored!

If you need any more help, just shout.



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