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Hi all, wondering if anyone can help? I have a '94 MR2 which had a very flat battery(knocked radio out) because of winter/lack of use and I have forgotten the code for the stereo. I have used up my 9 'goes' and display now reads 'help'. The number on the front of the unit is 13706. Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Andy

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Without the code you need to take it to auto electrician. Or send it to a seller on ebay:



Worth the money as the unit is an excellent radio and provides perfect MP3 sound using the 'cassette on a wire'

Replacing won't be cheap - an ISO lead will cost £10- £15.

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Try the local Mr T first.

I had the same problem when I got my car and the Service chap at my local dealership unlocked it in a few minutes; wouldn't take any money for it and wouldn't tell me how it was done. But another dealer (where the car was serviced) had previously been unable to unlock it. So you might be lucky and you might not.

The dealer who unlocked it is in Mansfield, so I don't imagine that particular one is going to be any good for you though.


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