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Leather Seats


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I have tried a few products that moisturise leather, AutoGlym leather care works well.

Bottom line the thing that kills black leather is the summer sun, you only have to feel the temp of the seats when they have been in direct sun to know something bad is going to happen. I now use a windscreen protector and if I park the car for long periods I either find shade or use a couple of old large cream towels to protect the seats. (on the sun side of the car).

The other alternative is windows tints :-)



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Hi Guys

Please guide me with the best method of looking after to prevent their drying etc.

Mine is black coloured leather.



I haver also used Auto Glym Leather Care Cream for many years on my Jensen Interceptors right through to my current Rav - had many cars with leather seats - never had a cracked leather seat whilst using it - use once every 6 months but perhaps more often if your car is out in the summer sun - have always managed to get if from Halfords.


Should have checked your location! Not sure if you can get it where you are.

try http://www.autoglym-shop.com/?gclid=CNj-4O...CFQoUzAode27xiw

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You want to use Glyptone leather cleaner and condtitioner, it does a fantastic job of keeping your leather nourished and soft.


may i have a link to refer or even photo?


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