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Letters = Words

Paul C

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ok sometimes I get a bit confused as to what it all means (hopefully i'm not alone) I understand some of them like LOL = laugh out loud so come lets have all the ones you know so we all know what we're talking about

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afaik - as far as i know

imho - in my honest opinion

imo - in my opinion

brb - be right back

bbiab - be back in a bit

afk - away from keyboard

lolol - laughing out loud with more intensity than a 'lol'

LOL - laughing out loud with hilarity

L O L - my eyes are watering with joy

rofl - rolling on the floor laughing

lmao - laughing my ***** off (horribly american if u ask me)

lmbo - laughing my <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s off (much better!)

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