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Central Locking And Wipers Electrical Problem


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My beloved trusty friend is now 9 years old and it has developed a wee fault .

The central locking sometimes refuses work with the key or the drivers door button (sometimes it only activates the drivers door and gives up trying to release the other 3. If I start the engine it releases them all fast. It like there is insufficent voltage getting through.

Another clue is that the headlight relay chatters when you stop untill you turn the head lights off.

I am convinced there is a poor connection to earth somewhere , but where? Is thee an earh connection to the controll unit neads cleaning and if there is where should I start looking.

it is a 2000 yaris verso 1.3 petrol

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Stupid as it sounds, it could well be the solenoid - or relay on the headlights causing the problem

If the coil is shorting, it's leaking voltage causing a short on the batter reducing voltage, meaning the central locking wouldn't work properly. Saying this, I wouldn't expect the car to start with that sort of fault

First point of call would be to replace that solenoid, see if it solves the problem

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also check that the interior light is working as the central locking circuit can work through the same circuit. if the bulb has gone then there will be an open circuit stopping the electrical unlock signal getting to the other 3 doors. the drivers door contains the master central locking switch so should open regardless.

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Right. This is weird. I went looking for a headlight relay and got out the haynes manual (spit). It points me to the fuse box by the Battery with a "7" on it there are headlight fuses but no headlight relay.

Any way I turned on the lights to see if the chattering I had heard could be related to a specific relay. The chattering I had heard was actualy the drivers side head light adjuster whirring and reversing. I am suprised it hasn't burnt it self out.

I pulled the lead off the main bulb and it is buitifully greased and the whiring motor stopped.

Now my central locking works. My headlights dont whirr or chatter..

Woo Hoo.

My lights have been working fine whilst this fault was present and the car passed its MOT. My best gues was it was a high resistant joint or a poor connection/near the headlight. :D

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