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Stickers For Things You Dont Have ?

Unity Jon

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A post in the Corolla forum made me laugh (probably for all the wrong reasons and i'll get slammed for it) and i was wondering if anyone else has stickers on their car publicising items they dont actually own ??




etc etc

Also if you see any on the net that you know should be included please avoid the 'TYPE R' ones as there are too many.... I've even seen a TYPE R metro in Southend !!! :w@nk)

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I only have 2 stickers on my car

TTE and TRD and I have items from both companys on my car :P :P :P

My fav is ages ago I saw maxpower/fastcar one of them they where giving away silver white stickers with HKS, GREDDY, APEXI and some others was very funny with novas and 106's with big old HKS stickers on the door propper class :lol::lol:

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LOL... i think i've seen those, all of a sudden there were cavaliers, nova's, and other crap all with the same silver shopping lists (well lets face it they weren't 'ingredients lists'

I've also seen one guys saxo with at least three tyre manuf and about 4 wheel manuf on his car... must have different combinations for different days of the week or something ?? :unsure:

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The last reading meet I went to some muppet turned up with a white cavalier on both the front doors he had in silver "2 FAST 2 FURIOUS" it was massive!!! I also liked the red flashing lights on the grill that made it look like KIT from knightrider :lol::lol::lol:

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saw a brilliant one this morning

on an old vw wagon

its rear lights were blacked out apart

from 2 hearts that would shine

whenever he broke

and across the back window

" the vok wagon dont laugh your daughter

could be in it"

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I think stickers are one of the most vulgar attention seeking item that you can add to your car, especially when you don't have the f'ing equipment to back it up.

Was filling up with petrol last night and there was a rover 216 dressed up like a tarty MG ZR, down the side of the driver door were names like 'BLITZ, HKS, APEXI' as well as K&N and the other usuals....

I just looked at the guy in puzzlement pointing to his door, I asked him if it was a japanese engine transplant underneath, and he replied 'no'...


Probably the same people that design the interiors of their houses like the local pub, and the ones who plant lamp posts in their gardens at home :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :blink::huh:

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I've got a few ..

Apexi - filter

TRD - leads, quickshift, oil/water caps

TOMS - side skirts, scoops

HKS - turbo timer

BBS - rims

(I need logo's for red.dot, goodridge, clutchmasters, findanza, H&S etc)..

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i've only got one,it's the a.b.s. one in the back windscreen that comes on the car,funny it's still there cause the first thing i did was remove all the !Removed! huge glanza stickers that came on the car,made it look so much better and cleaner.

all the ones that come with parts i stick them on my ps2,cause you just gotta stick um somewere...........

why is it though you only ever get one sticker with your parts :huh:

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dont have many on the outside cos thats reserved for sponsers. do have a few under the bonnet for shows but i have products for all of them

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MY PET HATE KENWOOD IN THE BACK WINDOW, and they have a cheap goodmans head unit,

and ford motorsport sunstrips on peugeots

i have 2 in the side windows cruisemidlands ones very small, im a member of the forum and i have gold member above tax disc, would have toc in side windows instead but dont have any sorted was gonna try get me some but never heard back off him

will get some for JAE and get some toc plates made for showin

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hmmm let me see ...I could put :

TRD (oil filter)



Magnecor(HT leads)

Aussie(de-cat pipe)


Toms(induction kit +sideskirts)

Sparco (gearnob)

Denso(loads of denso parts on Toyotas)


my god the list would go on and on and on...lol it will damn well look like a shopping list wouldnt it...!!

ps: I must confess I wouldnt mind putting a "Tom's" on my car seeing as I have an ultra rare Toms induction kit and side skirts(plus Tom's has "class" imo hehe!). The rest..well I wouldnt bother..dont have enough room down the sides hehe!

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