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Avenisis 2003-


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I'm about to buy the T-Spirit Diesel Hatchback.

Just wonderded if there was anything special I should mention to the dealer or if there was one gripe that you had about the car.

Mine would be the lack of the tourer/estate in thiis configuration

Any other gripes,


Not knowing the UK range I'm surprised that there's no Tspirit diesel estate. I don't know what you mean by a tourer though.

As to gripes, I've got none, except if you count the fact that I don't like the colour of the dashboard lights - orange - ugh!

I've had my 4-door 1.8l Italian spec Avensis (equivalent of the T3x) now a little over 3 months, and I've done just over 10,000km (I'll be up to 12,000km+ in 10 days time :blink: ) and I'm entirely happy with the car. It's quiet, reasonably quick, handles surprisingly well, very spacious (extremely spacious in fact), the aircon & interior comforts are excellent... I could go on.

The one thing that I might suggest is the reversing radar. I find that with the shape of the car it's quite difficult to judge distances to the rear.

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5-door = hatchback

4-door = saloon :P

Actually I went to Italy to get mine mainly because the saloon is not sold in France. To get the style I wanted I had to go abroad (funny thing is that I don't think that the hatchback is sold in Italy).

The saloon and the hatchback have the same sise boots (in volume), but if you regularly fill the boot to the brim the hatchback's more versatile, and the back seats fold down flatter in the hatchback too.

For me the saloon's boot is humungous (is that how you spell it?) and easily takes all my holiday luggage, the 2 golf bags, and everything else, and with space to spare.

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