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Hesitation On My Camry


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Hey guys,

I'm new here!!!

My camry has a big problem. It is a 1992 V6 5-speed. It seems that when its cold outside (I live in Canada) when you hit the gas it starts to accelerate, but then hesitates around 3k rpm then starts accelerating again. Then the same thing will happen around 4 or 5k. I have no real idea what this could be. When its warmer outside its better, but will still happen. The colder it is though, the more it will hesitates. The car gets quite shaky.

I was thinking it might have something to do with fuel delivery???

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have you tried your distributor cap and rotor arm if fitted as they have a tendency to turn to ***** or if you have a distribtorless system have it cheked but how ever if it is injection try disconnecting the Battery and then reconnect it as that will reset the ecu one of these options will solve the problem

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