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How To: Change Gearbox Oil


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Thanks for this, need to do mine.

Can I ask though won't the oil bottle fit directly into the filler hole?

Thought this was why they had a long neck that flexed, so you would not need a big piece of pipe.

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Cheers for that, very useful, going to change mine in a week or 2 when I am servicing her, she's got 66k on her and looking at the service history it's never been done, looks like the hardest thing will be getting the sealing washers B)

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Thanks for this nrgizer, i'll see if I can source some tubing and have a go at this next week as im on 55k and its never been done to my knowledge. Might sort out a bit of deceleration noise for me ;) .

Probably change the sparks while i'm doing it.

Will one of the mods add this to Kimi's sticky how to's at the top you think?

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Ok job done!

The only problem I came across is that Toyota gave me the wrong sized gearbox sump washer (thanks toyota), so I had to re-use the old one and at about 2 litres of filling it started dripping out the filler plug and I had to be super quick putting the plug back in when I pulled the tube out.

Opie Oils said that Castrol have stopped making TAF-X in 1ltr bottles by the way.

Thanks for the guide ;)

If you wanna know what 55k old Gearbox oil looks like, here ya go -


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Just changed mine earlier today, thanks for the guide! Made it a really simple job, apart from the nuts which took a while to undo.

Toyota didn't have any gaskets in stock so I just used the old ones too ;)

But thanks again nrgizerbunny keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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