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Rav 4.1 '99 - 55,000 Mile (90,000km) Service


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I'm looking to service my 1999 Rav 4.1 at it's 55k mile (major) service.

I've already:

-changed engine Oil (15W40) and filter

-changed air filter

-changed fuel filter (under bonnet only)

-changed cam belt

I understand I now need to:

-change transmission and differential Oil (combined at front?) with 75W90 GL4 or 5 in both gearbox AND rear diff (correct me if I'm wrong!) - Does anyone know what quantities to put in or have any schematics?

-change spark plugs

-regrease steering mechanism (?)

- tighten drive shaft bolts

Am I right?? Have I missed anything?? :)


PS not trying to put anyone out of a job but i'm currently staying in France and was quoted 380 Euros for a service by Toyota France....errr...no yer reet!

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Fill the "boxes" and diff until the fluid starts dripping out of the filler holes,you may need to replace the brake fluid and antifreeze(normally every 2 years),the job time for a 54,000m service is 2hrs 45mins

here's the official service schedule that Toyota have supply the information to the "trade"




ST16 3DA

Telephone : 01785 255921

Fax :

Vehicle Details

RAV4 Toyota RAV4 Car, 2.0 , Estate , Petrol , Inj., not Turbo , 4cyl. , DOHC , 16v , 4WD , RHD , 1998 cc

Year : 1999

54000 miles Service

001 Change engine Oil and check for leakage

002 Replace engine Oil filter

003 Replace transfer box Oil (as applicable)

004 Change transmission oil and inspect for leakage

005 Replace differential oil

006 Lubricate propeller shaft grease points (as applicable)

007 Check steering box oil level and PAS fluid level (as applicable) and inspect for leakage

008 Check level and condition of brake fluid

009 Replace brake fluid (every 24 months, at extra cost - earlier if contaminated)

010 Check clutch fluid level

011 Check valve clearances (charge extra for adjustment)

012 Check engine coolant level and strength, including pipes for leakage

013 Check drive belts for wear and deflection

014 Check engine idle speed, CO emission and choke operation (as applicable)

015 Replace spark plugs

016 Check fuel vapour control valve

017 Replace fuel filter

018 Replace air filter element

019 Check brake and clutch system pipes, hoses and connections for leakage

020 Check brake pedal free play and parking brake travel

021 Check and report on brake pads, discs, linings and drums, clean out dust

022 Check exhaust system and mountings for security and leakage

023 Check ball joints and drive shaft dust covers (as applicable)

024 Check front and rear suspension for correct operation and security

025 Check Battery electrolyte levels and terminals for security

026 Check heater and cooling system, oil cooler, all fuel pipes, tank cap, hoses and connections for leakage

027 Check tyre condition, pressures and torque setting of road wheel nuts

028 Tighten bolts on chassis and body

029 Check steering freeplay and linkage for wear and security, carry out full four wheel alignment check, report findings (adjustment at extra cost)

030 Check all electrical systems for correct operation

031 Check all lights for damage, correct operation and alignment

032 Lubricate door hinges, key and lock mechanisms, including fuel filler door

033 Check windscreen wipers/washers for correct operation/direction and top up washer fluid level

034 Check operation of seat belts, condition of webbing and security of anchorage points

035 Check bodywork for any abrasions or damage which, if left unattended, may lead to corrosion

036 Replace Battery in alarm remote control hand set (as applicable)

037 Carry out road test and report findings

Technician comments:

Technician signature:

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Hmmm :g:

Is that an advert I wonder? I'll assume for now that you've just cut and paste that in HEMI and given how helpful you are will think about that for a bit longer but it might be better to pm those kind of details regarding you contact address ;)

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