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Hid Kits Legal?


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With HID headlamps you are required by ECE regulation 48 to be equipped with a headlamp lens cleaning system (Automatic jet washers) and automatic beam levelling control. You will require HID specific optics (lenses) to collect and distribute the light as lenses designed for filament bulbs result in improperly focused beam patterns and excessive glare. Its not as simple as ‘changing a bulb’. HID headlamps must be designed from the start as HID headlamps :thumbsup:

They are illegal in almost all countries without the above.

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Ive bought some upgraded bulbs for my T180 and i can safely say they ae CRAP. No where near as bright as the stock bulbs. Looking at a HID kit now. Are they legal in the UK?



no they are not legal(uk or anywhere else) but some cars can get away with them ie ones with the projector inside them which lets them be alighned better.i have fitted them too my car in the headlights(10k) and fullbeam(8k) and spent about half a hour alighning(on a beam setter) them as not to glare people.

to be honest i have not had anyone flash me for driving with my lights on and never had any greef from the police either and thats over a year now.

i will never have an other car without hids fitted and if its not got them i'll fit them.

if you do get them you wont be dissapointed!!!

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As I allready said I am happy with my MTEC bulbs. I find them as good as my stock ones. Maybe it's because I am using low beam HIDs, because of which my high beams seem not to give any light at all no matter which bulbs am I using. They are giving light only a bit further than my low beam HIDs and are lighting up the road signs which are not inside my HID's light beam yet. I've been driving also another car which has universal Halogens everywhere and did not find the high beams to light up the road very far in front. Yes they are giving much more compared to low beams, but they're still not too impressive. I also tried changing original Halo high beams to my car to make some comparsion, no change compared to MTEC...

Best regards, Alex

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