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Jae Preparations.................


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:D ........ OK its nearly here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have started the preps! :blink:

:drool: - hmm well thought about what food we need

:beer: - erm decided what beer we can take

:drunk: - got the box of wine

:pepsi: - got the odd bit of non-alcoholic yet to buy

:driving: - this is a sticky one, my car is ready but Les's roadster needs an MOT - here hoping it passes :(

Clothing....got the TOC gear ready, and well the tents etc are Les's domain................................

Looking forwards to it???? Nah not one bit.........3 nights sleeping in a tent - urgh, 4 days bbq - awful, meeting up with you peeps - omg.............


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My preparations are easy....

1. Wash car on Thursday after work

2. Polish car inside and out on Friday after work

3. Take polish and cloths to JAE on Saturday

Damn this going to work bit as it really gets in the way of the important things in life :lol:

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We started our prep list last night.

Slight change of plan, we are not gonna bring our BBQ as we are only going for the day and as we are in an MR2 which won't have tonnes of room! Plus it's taking the meat & charcoal etc..

My plan is: got Friday afternoon off work, so will take the MR2 with me and get it washed on the way home (by a £5 handwash who do a perfect job). Go to Tesco and get some food & soft drink - I've got half of a small bottle of Morgans Spiced rum which is more than enough for me & will get the other half some Ginger Beer 'cos that's the nearest he'll be getting to the real thing as he is driving back! Then come home, sort everything ready to go into the car then leave here at 7am to meet Steve to travel up together.

Can't wait :D ;)

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My preparation is to get an MOT ASAP (ran out on Friday :blushing: )

Got two concerns, the handbrake (adjusted but might need new cables) and the emissions (never tested with the Che header, sports cat and quad exhaust) although a few people have said it should be ok

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