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Nice one Chas, I love that new car smell! I dont think it ever goes away, you just stop noticing it. Or you could always do what I did, Leave a set of wet clothes in the boot, that gets rid of the smell trust me!!!!

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I've owned my Aygo since the end of June and I still notice a bit of that 'new car' smell when I get in it. . . although the smell has faded considerably now :(

sorry, you misunderstand, i dont mean the interior new car smell, this is a smell that come when i have been driving a while, a wax/plastic smell

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There'll be lots of new components getting warm for the first time, in particular the exhaust, catalyst etc. These are often covered in a protective coating after manufacture and the heat burns them off.

The heater matrix etc will also be getting water through it, warming up coatings on these.

It won't last long.

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