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Clunky Noise With Gearbox


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I'm new to a 1.0 Vvt-i yaris of 51 plate, and every time I put the gear in reverse, whilst reversing the car back, it makes this really loud clunky noise...bit worried about it. :unsure:

Any suggestions as to why this happens?

This is what i do before engaging reverse, instead of just putting the thing in reverse, first i move the gear stick to the right and hold it for about 3secs, then slowly pull it down in reverse.

If you practice doing this every time, it should make hardly any noise at all.

If this is something you already do, maybe have the clutch checked and make sure the carpet mat is NOT jamming under the clutch pedal!! ;)

Oh and welcome to Yaris club. :)

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Try putting it into 1st gear first, then put it into reverse. Someone told me this ages ago and it definitely helps.

Edit: Actually I read more of Raeman's post than the OP! Sounds like the noise isn't to do with getting it into gear, it's when actually reversing. If so, get under the car and have a look to see if anything's obviously loose. I'd go to an independent mechanic for a quick test drive and see what he says.

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