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Fuel Gauge

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ok is this just with the estima.i seem to spending alot on petrol since i had the car.(which i expected anyway)

thing is i put £5 in and set off to southampton which is 11 miles tops away did a steady 70. on the way back light is on so i put another £5 in and it jumps to quarter full.

is the gauge wrong?and im putting in extra fuel whe not really needed

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why don't you fill all the way up?, and forget about the light. :lol:

in my experience, '94 Corolla and '91 Mark II the fuel light is very reliable, but yes they float a bit. sometimes the light in the Corolla comes on, early then goes off, and doesn't comenon for a further 60 miles or so.

I have had a 1988 accord, where if i went uphill my gauge went up, and downhill it went down.

what you can fo is drive till i]light is steady on, than fill right up recording the number of litres, then deduct from what tank should hold (70 ltrs?) and you know reserve. this will be about 10 ltrs.


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Not sure if this is related but here goes anyway !

I've just bought a 92 Estima Lucida 4WD X 2.2TD and I've noticed that the Needle on the Fuel gauge tends to waver a hell of a lot, it might rise and lower an 1/8th of a tank at a time.

I was driving yesterday and the needle was on empty but after I had stopped for a drink (25mins or so) the Needle rested at about an 1/8th of a tank remaining after sitting stationary.

It seems that I can't trust the level of the tank whilst in motion, I'm just wondering if this is usual for this model ???

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