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Can Hitchhikers Affect Your Cel?


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Picked up a hitchhiker who was standing in what looked like a motorway construction site - in his dressing gown last week.

It's not something I'd normally do but the guy flagged me down saying the Vogons were coming and it was time to leave planet earth.

Frankly, I was pretty scared as the nutter was - by now - sitting in my car! Anyway suddenly, the CEL light came on...and yes my heart sank as I'd just been celebrating not seeing Toyota's answer to Blackpool Illuminations for over a month!

Fortunately, I was near my local garage - which is run by a great guy called Arthur Dent (and yes he does do body repairwork!).

Marvin the mechanic said he'd take a look and connected up his scanner. After some Deep Thought Marvin read off the code: 42. Now I've had nearly as many codes as lottery numbers come up on scanners...but never before have I seen 42.

Have to say even Marvin looked a little paranoid about the whole thing!

So the big question is. What does 42 mean? :rolleyes:

Anyone out there can help?

ps Don't know what happened to the hitchhiker. He disappeared just before Arthur Dent appeared from his office.

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