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kali man

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Hi, I have an ST183 Celica GT-R Jap Import 89/90, I have had a problem which no one could help with and have resorted to trial and error of parts to see what fixes it. The problem I was having was the random revving and erratic revving of my engine. It would randomly just rev to 2000 sometimes and sit there even while im driving it would do it, and eventually sort it self out. Other times it would lumpily sit on 14-1600 revs and smell of petrol. It seems to flood it itself alot and if I turn the car off after one of its crazy revving episodes and try to start it again it wont do it, it just turns the engine and smells of petrol.

I have recently changed the MAP sensor as someoen recommened to no hope and have also bridged the diagnostic terminals TE1 and E! and got 3 codes. 22, 24 and 31. the thing is I have looked everywere and cant find out what these are. So if anyone has maybe a link or some sort of link for were I can see what they codes stand for. Any help would appreciated.

Also just to ask from the symptons I have described, After calling a mechanic and expalining to him the sypmtons and the smell fo the petrol when I try to start the car and it doesnt etc etc, he was quite admant before I spend all my money trying to rectify the codes, I shuold change the cool ait temperatuire switch or cold air temperature switch, cant remeber exactly the name but I found one and from a breaker for £20, is it worth trying or does it seem a waste of money?


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Hi, these are your error codes.

22 - water temp sensor, circuit etc.

24 - air temp sensor within inake filter housing, circuit etc

31 - MAP sensor, test or replace.

This would explain your erratic revving, due to air/fuel mix ratio.

Be sure to reset your ecu after fixing these by disconnecting the batt for 15 mins and then re-check for error codes.

If your car goes into limp mode you will know straight off, just run her smooth and she will free up after 10-20 mins.

Re-check codes again after a good drive and if the light flashes a constant on/off then your good to go.

Hope this helps.

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