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Can I hazzard a guess that I'm not the only one who is unhinged enough to name their car, I'v called her Alis because I think shes a bit like somebody I used to know. What has anybody else named their car and why?

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Mine's called Kai....

Kai rhymes with 'Ay'

It follows my tradition of naming cars with a K (previously had Karis & Kaori as well)

Kai is Japanese for sea (my car is 'Lagoon' Blue (sea) and it's a Toyota (Japanese car manufacturer))

You can't say I don't put any thought into these things! :lol:

Haha cool thats my nephews name!

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Ahh the name thread... Thought i'd might as well contribute

My old Nissan Almera was nicknamed Big Fat Blue Bitch and for all those curious i'll tell you why: -

Big = Size of the car

Fat = The weight of the car was clearly too much for my 90hp 1.5i engine to handle

Blue = The colour of the car

Bitch = It acted like one (i.e. solving one problem only encouraged it to grow two more in it's place)

So now my aygo is known as the Dinky Little Silver Slug

Dinky = Overall dimensions of the car

Little = Engine size (in both physical dimensions and engine capacity)

Silver = The colour obviously

Slug = Relevant performance equivalent of...

My car names have though too ;-)

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