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Key Fob Issues


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hey, sorry i havent been on in a long time.

Well, after a long time being away and messing around with other peoples cars, mine has decided to pack in...

my keyfob only works if the batter is full.... otherwise it wont unlock the car, so i have to use the key, and that doesnt have central locking on the door lock.

ive been into toyota and they have said that the fobs failing, so i need to book it in with them, and they take £41 off me (excluding vat) and then reprogramme it to my car....

if that doesnt work then im looking at a new key (which are £120.........)

does anyone have any idea what i can do, as im not keen on spending £120 on a key.......

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yea i had to just replace Battery too

PS do you guys find that the range of the fob (with full battery) is really poor??

the max range of mine is about 20 feet with a brand new Battery, my old yaris t sport had a range of im sure 100 feet with new Battery - and i bet its the exact same component :huh:

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the batteries fine, ive gone through 2 since iva had the car, and i havent even had it a year......

the only time mine works is when the Battery is new, ive even had the Battery thats in it atm tested cus i thought it was flat and needed replacing, but they have said there more then enough power in it.

i would use a spare fob if i had one, but this is the only key i have for the car :(

is there any other way of doing it, as i know with some cars there was a way of turning on the ignition and then pressing some bottons and it used to reprogamme it....

help? :P

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