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Yaris 2009 - Rear Wiper Continuous Operation Mode


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Hi to all! Does anyone know how to set the rear wiper in continuous mode for the 2009 Yaris T-Spirit model (it is a French-built Yaris for the UK market - here in Malta we get the Yaris shipped from the UK and not directly from France) ? I have checked with the manual on Page 161 but there is nothing about it. It seems that continuous mode for the rear wiper is not available and only intermittent mode is available. This is rather unusual for a new car which boasts of gadgets (smart entry and start system, stop and start system, 1.3 dual VVT-i engine, bluetooth, etc. etc.) except continuous operation of the rear wiper - my old Starlet XL has this function!!! Why not this new car? Can anyone confirm this please? Or am I missing something?

Thanks and regards.

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One of the complaints about the first Yaris was the rear wash wipe. It was continuous and not intermittent.

The new Yaris now has just intermittent (but I think the 1.8 has both?) and people still aren’t happy!

Out of the two intermittent would be my preference.

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