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These Alloys!

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Yeah, i must admit i havent seen many cars that chromes look good on and i dont really like them but the but i am kinda bias to the hyper black chrome finish.

The bandits might look quite smart in that colour but it would cost a fair bit to get them done in this colour as its not a standard silver!!!


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IMHO gold alloys are the mutts nuts.

I was torn between jet black and gold- even though my car is white!!

Ended up with black, and i've had quite a few comments about the cars new look-

A lot of people like it cos its different.

As for advan RG's??

<I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>in love em- but i'd have to sell the house to get some!! :rolleyes:

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I got my alloys for £499.99 from motorworld near me in my home town of Ipswich.

There are many motorworlds across the country and they are even doing the wolfrace urban racer 5 in shadow chrome for the same price!!

Check them out at motorworld site they have loads of accessories, i use them a fair bit.

To get the bandits sprayed in this colour i havent got a clue but a wheel place told me that to get a set of wheels sprayed in the similar colour would cost bout £60-75 a corner!!!

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yeh ive been kinda tempted by them - not sure if i like em tho - some "flatness" jus puts me off them :blink:

if i were to get 5 spoke i'd get some Kosei Racer's, Wolfrace or BSAs like below (in order):


i like the Asia-Tec(Wolfrace) + BSA's cos they're like the same style as Accord Type-R's/Civic Jordan's which are kewl! :thumbsup:

i used to like wolfrace but ive gone off em a bit recently... :wacko: :(

I've also been thinkin of Asia Tec Kendo's which kinda look like BK 299's - which come in black, gold or silver! (pics below)unfortunately the wolfrace ones do not and are very hard to find :(


the asia-tec kendo's look like these ^ but have the asia-tec logo on em...

the things is im unsure what ones would suit a paseo :!Removed!: ???

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