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Other Methods To Increase Mpg?


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Don’t take this thread too seriously...just pondering ideas.

In regards to mpg - threes all the usual methods - like driving techniques to improve mpg.

But I was thinking, could there be other ways to do it.

So far I’ve wondered about these two..

1) Adding cruise control is supposed to improve mpg, as it smoothes out throttle input and constantly monitors & maintains speed.

2) Reducing demand on the electrical system - through using either solar panels or some sort of wind turbine (don’t laugh! LOL).

So for example:

You have a wind turbine (not like the ones you see in fields!) mounted just behind your front grill. It’s late at night, and you've got your lights & wipers on, and maybe your radio.

Your speed is anything from 30mph to 70mph.

Would this extra electricity produced by the wind turbine help subsidise the power needed from the alternator...reducing fuel consumption?

I know that the spinning the wind turbine might put extra load on the car’s engine anyway because you can’t have perpetual motion - but the air drag/resistance is only going to hit the firewall/engine anyway so it may as well be driving a turbine?


Would having a solar panel - constantly trickle charging your Battery improve mpg? - Again for the same reasons?

3) Putting 1 or 2 more psi in your tyres reduces rolling resistance? Would this make any difference to improve mpg - and if so, would there be a safety issue in doing this?

4) find some way to reduce air pressure on the front of the car...or even better, create a "suction" to pull us along lol! (same with the rear, reduce drag or increase pressure)

Matt :D

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If I had a pit of money to chuck at my Aygo to make her more efficient I think I would do one/some/all of the following:

  • Give the car a flat aerodynamic bottom (race car styleeee)
  • Change that front grill for either a complete gap allowing air to flow under the car or a panel to deflect air around it - whichever was proven best.
  • Look into some sort of diffuser or air pressure reducing area at the back - cos there's a tiny silencer and a load of empty space back there covered with the plastic bumper section - could be better used or covered.
  • Solar panel as the roof would be cool for charging.
  • Change as many panels as possible for exotic lighter materials
  • Change Rear quarter windows & rear window/boot lid for lighter plastics (obviously look at ways of de-misting)
  • LED lights all round
  • MPG calculating computer, with accurate fuel tank monitor (I know scangauge does this, but I do have a pit of money for this fantasy)
  • Electronic throttle body, so the pedals are just data inputs - this would allow you to put the car in 'ECO' mode where it wouldn't open the throttle 100%, NORMAL mode for everyday driving with a nice progressive throttle opening & a SPORT/RACE mode where it would be a very aggressive throttle.
  • I always like the idea of the rear wheels being covered (like old Honda Insight & old Citroens) - but only if it is worth doing aerodynamically.

The only thing I've done to my Aygo is removing all unnecessary items from it - including spare wheel & jack etc - & changed interior bulb to LED (should save a few watts)


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