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Starlet Stereo Wiring Color Code


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im fitting in a cd player in my starlet sR 1998 model

the color code for the wires and different to the wires coming from the head unit of the car..

therfor i cant match up the wires to make the cd player work..

does anyone know the colours and use of each wire?

wires from head unit:

black, brown, red, yellow, pink, purple, light green, blue, green, white and couple more i think...

does anyone know the use for each of these wires?

i need to know which is ground wire, Battery wire and ignition wire

all i can get working is the blue illumination lights on the cd player itself

but now the Battery wire doesnt turn the blue lights on no more

thnks let me know asap

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Dont know if you have already got it sorted :

Grey ~ 12v Switched Feed.

Brown ~ Earth.

Blue/Yellow ~ 12v Constant Feed.

Green ~ Illumination feed from sidelights.

Red/White ~ Right Rear Speaker.

Yellow/Black ~ Left Rear Speaker.

Green/Light Green ~ Right Front Speaker.

Violet/Pink ~ Left Front Speaker.

Hope this helps,


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