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Auris Hybrid Details.........

fuel miser

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Me want one :D

I don't... The rear bumper and the headlights look way worse than the first one and the interior totally sucks!


They have a write up in this weeks Auto Express mag... + the plug in Prius...

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I like it, it's nice one. Hope that the non-hybrid model will look pretty much like that. Hope it won't have that blueish interior for real though :lol:

One thing I really don't like is those red reflectors on the rear bumper. They ruin the rear looks in my opinion...

Best regards, Alex

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I like the new look overall with the the implied rear defuser (or what ever it is called) on the bumper making it look more sporty.

Also more co-oporate looking Accord like on the front (don't think an Audi driver would be convinced).

In my opinion the design is trying to reflect a wider audiance away from the elderly and retaired.

Good job.

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Pretty nice.

The blueish interior is horrible indeed. I don't think that will be a standard color - you will get some limited choice, like now. But it may be tied to one particular version. I remember fiat punto II - one of the basic versions had that bright blue upholstery that made you really sick after spending more than 5 minutes inside.

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