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Ae111 Gs Wrc Edition?

robbie c

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hi guys, have been looking into getting a corolla, and came across one on pistonheads, a wrc edition? i heard murmurs years and years ago of a special version, but haven't found any info on the net about them? is this actually a toyota produced limited edition car, or has it just been made up?! also how much do they sell for roughly? cheers guys!

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It's a standard Corolla with a kit fitted. The "Corolla World Rally Replica Kit" was available as a dealer fit option which could only be fitted before delivery to the customer. The kit consisted of TTE front bumper, TTE rear hatch spolier, TTE lowering springs, TTE sports silencer and 4 white 16" replica wheels fitted with 205/45 tyres. The kit cost £1,410 inc VAT but fitting and painting was extra. Fog lamps were extra at £115 as was a Castrol Rally Decal Kit at £294.

The kit was available when I bought my Corolla back in 1998, I asked if they would supply it without the white wheels (not a good look on a silver car) but the dealer would not do it, so I ended up doing it part by part. There was one in the Cardiff Toyota dealer but that was a 1.3. The one on Pistonheads looks like it was originally a Corolla SR - this was the only Corolla available at that time with both sunroof and air conditioning.

As for price it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Personally I think the one on Pistonheads is overpriced - it's a standard 1.6 Corolla with a kit on.

Hope this helps.

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right cool i understand now, thanks for the help! i've been looking at one this spec:

Tax end Nov 09

Tested May 2010


Toyata receipts/MOT's from new + Toyota wallet + manuals

2 sets of keys

Last service was at 63,321 ( car is on 68,000 now)

Service included new clutch and timing belt as well as normal

fluid renewal.

its up for 4k, bodywork and interior wise looks to be in very good condition, what sort of price should i expect to pay for it? its a gs 1.6 16v by the way, r plate!

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There's at least 3 of these on Pistonheads, with varying prices depending on the owners claims. As AE111 says they're worth what you're willing to pay. The only way to check/confirm factory supplied is from the original invoice, i suggest if the owner hasn't got it then the kits been fitted later.

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