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Levin Manual Conversion


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Expert needed. thinking of buying a 1.6L xZ levin that is auto. car is a 1995 and in perfect running order so good for working on.

Need some basic details on how to convert it over to a manual though. main things im looking at are pricing and how lomng it will take to do


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Hi welcome fellow levin owner :P i changed over my bz-g from auto to manual last year, all you need is...

-5 speed manual box


-pressure plate

-all 4 mounts - best to change them all whilst you can get at them

-gear linkage

-gear shifter

- clutch and brake pedal

- brake cervo - you will need to make a hole for it to bolt to the bulk head ( not a hard job)

A hole lot of love and a few swear words and you can have it done in a weekend :P

its took me a full weekend from friday night to sunday afternoon with 3 of us doing it.

BTW the auto box is really hevy so get some man power for it haha

Join up on www.ae111.com as a few people have done it.

Good luck and let us know how u get on!

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