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I Pod Cable Fitting


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Got a Face Lift Avensis Tourer T3X on a 56 plate and want to fit a cable and cradle for my I phone and I Player...I tried using the little transmitter plugged into the bottom and it does not work so how do I take the CD Player and Climate Control unit out to fit the cable....that is assuming that the unit has a facility on the rear to take a cable....as usual all help gratefully accepted. Regards.

Oh Forgot the Head Unit is a Type three with the audio controls on the steering wheel id number FN18034t.

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Without sounding to presumptuous, it might not be possible.

Most H/U that's originally factory fitted, don't tend to have any expansion with any after-market units, such as ipods.

You might have to buy another unit which is compatible with your H/U, in order to be able to use your ipod.

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You'd need something like what they sell at www.xcarlink.co.uk

They're quite nifty as they plug into the CD changer port and pretend to be CD Changers, so the steering wheel controls still work :)

I have the USB/SD card one in my Yaris, and after the initial problems I had it's been pretty good :)

There are probably better ones out there by now tho'..

Also, you have to make sure the connector is right as Apple love changing it on newer models :angry:

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To make the list complete, There are several interfaces that are made to fit the Toyotas.

DICE - http://diceelectronics.com/

Dension - http://www.dension.com/

Grom Audio - http://gromaudio.com/

Xcarlink - http://www.xcarlink.com/

Connects2 - http://www.xcarlink.com/

There are probably more interfaces as well, but these are the ones I've found. I believe the DICE is one of the few that supports the Toyota full screen sat nav (and may be dension as well). Grom Audio will let you use the control knob to scroll through songs on the Ipod interface, while the Xcarlink and the Connects2 is quite similar, and will only work on the standard toyota head unit...

The 3 top interfaces are updating their firmware quite regularly. This is a benefit, because that would give you a stable interface with few bugs.

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