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Gen 7 Engine Modifications


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Hi all,

Im looking for a bit of advice, im contemplating engine modification on my 190. But I'm unsure if its really worth the hassle, I've seen from previous posts on here and other forums that people install superchargers, ECU remapping etc

Im basically wanting to know if any one has modified, if so, what sort of path did they take? E.g. modification wise. What is the balance like between money spent and performance? and how reliable is the engine after modification? (obviously it will depend how far much you modify for better performance)

It would be great to here from anyone who has modified their celica and what results they have achieved.

Peace Out


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Here are some idea and prices for you.

Full Rotrex kit will lift you to 300BHP.

Contact Se7en Motorsport.

Porting and Polishing £320

3 Angle Seats £10 (A Seat)

Port matching:

Inlet Manifold £80

Exhaust Manifold £80

Stage 2 Cams for the VVTLI 190 Engine (Pics coming soon)

Cams £400

Cams, Fitted and new shims £650

2zz (190) Se7en Stage 3 head complete, built and ready to do a straight swap with yours

This is what you get:

Ported and Polished

3 Angle Seats

MWR Flatface Valves

MWR Uprated Valve Springs

Se7en's Stage 2 Cams

New set of Cam Shims

Fully built


If you are running an Apexi PFC you could run the red line to 9000RPM if you wanted to

Rotrex S/C Kit, Complete install with a base map is £3600

Slip over to CC UK where you will find all the info you need.

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