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Sr180-should It Need Injectors At 15000 Miles


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Hello All,

This is my first post here and the start of a new community hopefully :)

I've been looking at getting a new 5DR Hot Hatch diesel for the Mrs as she does about 65 miles a day to work and back.

After seeing the SR180 on the Toyota website I thought that ticks all the right boxes ;)

After looking around a few dealers I came across a 58 plate SR180 for £12799 (apparantley from Toyota GB)

After casting my eye over it we decided to ask to take for a test drive.

The sales guy came to me and said its not running as they've had to take a part from it to get a service on another car out quickly so they didnt have to wait for the part.

The part I was told was an ECU part.

The sales guy then told me we could buy it, put a depost down on the understanding that if we didnt like it we could get our depost back.

Ok I thought, lets go for it.

Anyhow a week later I get a call form the sales guy with an update to say the part still hasnt arrived. Upon further questioning from me I find out its not an ECU part at all but injectors.

This concerns me!

Should a car with only 15k 16months old need/require injectors.

Its putting me off the sale of this car. I'm thinking is it going to be one of them cars thats constantly in the garage.

Should I be right to be concerned? Should I pull out and look for another SR180?

I've had 15 years experience in the motor trade but with little knowledge on Toyota's.

Can anyone offer me any sound advice?

Many thanks.

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IMO the situation is a little bizarre as dealer is selling the car that is not running and he cannot even tell what is missing from it. You can damage the injectors very quickly as they cycle millions of times in very high temperatures. Most common reasons are:

- bad fuel/ dirty fuel filter

- overheated engine- cooling system problems, engine overheated during exploitation or not cooled down before stop etc

- manufacturing fault- but they said all four was changed so unlikely

Diesel engines require new injectors over a time period but not after 15k miles

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But they have taken "good parts" from this car to replace bad on another. You don't know how the other car has been treated, or how many miiles it had done.

May-be the other car was filled with the incorrect fuel type, and part of the documented fix was to replace all injectors, which they borrowed from the car you tried / liked.

I guess the best bet is to see what the car you have "your eye on" drives like once it's back to how it should be, then make your judement.

Ask them to call you once they have the car you like as it should, give it a go and see if it's the one for you.

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Sounds like the EGR valve problem? Look over in the RAV4 Forum for more about it. It's the same engine and covered under warrenty (an extended one, usually just needs an ECU update I believe). Once it's fixed, then it's fixed. :)

I maybe wrong though.

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EGR valve? nope.

Injectors? Sounds like misfuelling.

Run 20 kms and never ever buy a diesel that has been missfueled... Eventually the fuel pump breaks and you get metal in the injectors and need £000s spent..

I have a simple rule when buying a car. if the seller can't be bothered to fix it before he starts selling it.. what else has he not bothered to do.?

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I thought that EGR valve was essentially an injector? Or had something to do with it. I'm just thinking the dealer was trying to keep it in layman terms? The fact they have said injectors and ECU at seperate times, lead me to think it was the EGR thing. :P

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