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Minor Issues?


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1. Started my car up this morning and right after the starter motor had engaged and had cranked the engine, it made a funny metalic scraping sound almost like it didnt disengage for about a second. does anyone know where the starter motor is located obviously its somewhere round the flywheel but is it easy to access? .

2. I have a rather annoying squeek sound which i believe is coming from the exhaust / heatshield it happens everytime the engine moves ie pulling off changing gear etc. does anyone know where i can get replacment heatshields? or any advice on how to fix this issue?

For those of you who dont know my car is a CTS 54 plate with 56,000 on the clock.

Thank you for you time :thumbsup:

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Sounds like the starter clutch pinion gear is sticking ( gummed up with clutch dust probably ) and is located under the right hand side of the

Inlet manifold - just remember to disconnect the Neg - Battery terminal before removing the starter motor.

As for the squeek , it could be anything tbh :

* Exhaust manifold heat shields corroded/rattling.

* Exhaust manifold to downpipe bolts or the tension springs on the bolts.

* Drive belt Tensioner

* Clutch Release Arm pivot dry and squeeking ( can be heard with engine off and clutch being operated ).

Process of elimination will find the Squeek.


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