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Avensis Door Locks Again


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I know there are many posts on here re: central locking - I have a question which I don't think has been discussed.

I have a 98 Avensis CDX Saloon and have problems with central locking. I have managed to locate the door receiver relay next to the coin tray and managed to reprogramme twice in the past (by releasing the clip from the relay and leaving for 15/20 mins). However a few weeks ago it wouldn't work so I managed to find a second hand receiver door control relay.

However, when I plug this in it doesn't work and the alarm won't arm/disarm. Does anyone know if this needs programming in some way. I have tried the reprogramming the key fobs by folliwng the posts on the forum but that doesn't work either. Help this is really p***ing me off now! :censor:

Happy days - managed to sort the central locking. Took it to an auto electrican and he diagnosed the problem straight away. He said he had fixed literally hundreds over the years. The problem is not the door receiver relay but the central locking realy which is directly behind the coin tray. This plugs directly into the fuse box and therein lies the problem. Over time as the car drives over bumps etc the relay works loose. He screwed it in place and he said I shouldn't have the same problem again. :yahoo:

Happy to explain if anyone wants a fuller answer.

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