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Hi i need help; i have a RX7 intercooler fitted on my glanza, running stock psi everything else stock, except for a open blitz filter, and with the hi/lo not bypassed - in high mod the car seems to lose power and feel like it cuts and gets an engine light (error code 34) or maybe fuel cut when boosted up to around 4k rpm. In low mod - it works fine, with my stock intercooler on, works just fine in hi and low boost. Please help. Also i got it with a keyless entry remote, does anyone know how to reprogam one of those? Please help

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First things first, buy a boost guage and see what it is running, sounds to me like it is over boosting and hitting fuel cut, that or you are having a problem with fuelling and the knock sensor is picking it up. I assume you are running it on super and try putting standard box on.

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