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Yaris Diesel Brake Change - Will The Haynes Petrol Manual Help?


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OK, this might sound like a daft question but...

I need to change the brakes (pads, discs and shoes) on my 53 plate Yaris D-4d but theres no Haynes manual for it. If I buy the petrol manual is that going to give me the guidance and part numbers that I need or are the brakes fundamentally different?

I've done disc and drum brake changes before but only on motorbikes so I roughly know what to do but need the specific guidance, and particularly part numbers, for my car.



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Craig I have done the job on my diesel using the Haynes manual.

There are NO part numbers.

Buy the parts from a Toyota dealer: if you ring round they are only about £10 more expensive than non OE parts.

BUT it took me three attempts to get the right parts... as Toyota fitted all types and third party suppliers are clueless.

You need your reg number and Toyota (try Parts King) will quote you the right parts.


measure the disk diameter.

Measure the pad width, depth.. and draw the outline or take a photo.

Third party suppliers are hopeless for diesels as they are so rare.

No need to actually buy a manual :

see http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56738

Job is near identical..

PS when dismantled mark the position of the antirattle pads....

PS actual job is easy.. Took me 1 hour .. WHEN I had the correct parts...

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