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Tte Backbox Fitted To D4d! Review


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Well I picked up my TTE backbox on Monday and fitted it to my Corolla D4D 116.

It's the same part number as the T-Sport one PZ439-E9714-00. I was wondering if anyone else has fitted the TTE backbox to a Diesel Corolla?

It took about 20 mins to fit with a 14mm socket used to remove the 2 bolts. It's held one with 2 rubbers, the one nearest the front of the car is longer so don't get em the wrong way round or the exhaust will sit at an angle. Being a dealer item it was a perfect straight fit without having to mess about.

I thought the build quality of the TTE backbox was really good! The box section is lot longer than the standard 2.0 D4D backbox and the pipe which joins to the midsection has a far smoother curve in it than the standard D4D one so should give a better flow of exhaust gasses. The backbox definately gives a noticeable power increase over the standard backbox. It felt a lot quicker as the turbo comes in and it just feels like it pulls harder through the gears.

One thing though, if your after a backbox that gonna make the diesel sound a lot louder then don't go for this one. It's pretty quiet and only slightly louder than the standard exhaust. Even at 4,000rpm+ it's not paticularly loud although it does sound more sporty than the standard one and you can hear the turbo whistle slightly through the TTE one. The TTE one although it doesn't roar, it also doesn't drone when your on the motorway which means that long journeys don't become annoying due to the constant background noise.

It's not cheap either and at £230 (With 10% discount) there are cheaper exhausts out there but at least you get an exhaust thats been developed by a manufacture to fit the specific vehicle. I'd say it's worth it as a first tuning mod and for the power increase as well as looking the part with it's twin 90mm tailpipes without being over the top! :thumbsup:

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the tte backbox is quiet....BUT AT THE BEGINNING...

let the box wear in abit. drive it hard on motorways and you will notice a definite change in the sound. it will sound more rumbley and more bassy as it wears in over time.

mine sounds just like that now and i have had it on for a while now. through hard driving the box definietely changed in sound. you also get a few pops here and there :D also yes the power does improve through 2nd and 3rd gears i have noticed i.e. it pulls more than before.

just have some patience...but then again like kparris stated it could just be that you got a diesel and it doesnt gove loud sounds :S

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