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Radio And Cd Totally Not Functioning Yaris Sr 01


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I have the yaris SR 2001. I was driving along listening to the radio this morning and then it just suddenly went off. I tried the CD button thinking I had a back up option and nothing! None of the cd controls are working and none of the radio controls are working. The clock is still displayed and so is the trip. (also still functioning as normal) I tried turning car on and off again thinking it might reset and still nothing. Fuse is fine (I checked it because thought it might be separate to the trip etc.) I forgot to mention its the factory fitted original CD player. I don't mind putting a after market one in but its just so easy this way. Does anyone know how I can rescue my CD/radio without sending it off to Toyota? I read through some old posts saying it could set me back £250 which I don't have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so I don't have to sing just to get through the boring journeys. :huh: :(


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It could be a fuse problem as Madasafish suggests, especially if the interior light and 'remote' central locking does not work,(it may work with the key as this is fused elsewhere-Haynes manual) if the fuse is ok then it could be that there is a poor connection at the rear of the unit i.e. loose plug, this is a likely cause if the unit went off when going over a speed hump or rough ground.

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thanks for the replies.. the remote central locking and everything else is working. So I might have a snoop behind and look at the wiring to see if anythings come away. Time to give dad a call me thinks.

Thanks guys.


Have a little look to see if the front panel has come away a bit.... My school car did this and I couldn't turn stuff off!!! had to lower the volume 'til I realised the problem. Give the panel a gentle push towards the front of the car, then, whilst holding/wiggling, try using the system.

The clock worked because that was wired more directly to the main supply, the panel has plugs on.

Might not help, but can't hurt, either!!!

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