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Toyota Corolla Dealer Option Sub.


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Hi i've heard that there is a subwoofer upgrade available for the Corolla that bolts undernieth the passenger seat?

Is this true and is there anyone on the forum that has one fitted? Are they any good? Does anyone have any pictures of one or links?

I wouldn't mind a bit more bass from the factory stereo without filling the boot space with subs so this seems an ideal upgrade as I need my boot space.

Also is anyone selling one? ;) Thanks in advance!

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There are a number of topics with your problem, if you do a search for it, i'm sure you will find what your looking for.

From what other's have said, it adds more sound from the lower end of frequencies, but nothing can beat the sound of a good sub in the boot.

And, if its space your concered about, then my install fits nicely in my boot without taking up that much need space, as so many people want/need and it looks the part too ;)



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